Car Hire Rental Conditions

*This all-inclusive offer does not apply to US residents or bookings made within the US. US rental conditions will vary and should be read carefully prior to booking.
Car rental terms and conditions vary from country to country and according to supplier, vehicle and pickup location. Always read the rental conditions for each rental quotation you're considering. On the quotation page (Step 2) of our booking process you can find the rental conditions by clicking the icon located to the right of the car type. You can also find them on the third and final step of the booking process (Step 3) - at the bottom of the confirmation page.
To find the rental conditions for your rental:

Step 1- Search online for a quote
Step 2- Select your vehicle
Step 3- Go to rate details & rental conditions




You can view the explanations below:


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

With CDW your liability for damage caused to the rental vehicle in a collision is waived, subject to an excess. However, the waiver is limited to a certain amount and often excludes glass (e.g. windscreens), tyres and towing. The waiver usually carries an excess which must be paid by the renter first. The renter should check the excess, which varies from contract to contract.

Vehicle Theft Waiver (VTW)

VTW removes or reduces the renter's liability for the attempted theft or theft of the vehicle. The waiver may be subject to an excess, which means the renter will have to pay for a certain amount of the value of the vehicle damaged or stolen, for example up to the first EUR1,000 of the vehicle's value.

SAFETY TIP: recommends that you remove the rental company tag that is usually on the key ring of the vehicle and store it safely elsewhere. This tag usually includes the registration number of the car, meaning a thief could steal the keys then be able to identify and steal the vehicle as well. If the vehicle is stolen and the renter cannot return the key (for example the renter was negligent and left the key in a prominent and vulnerable location,) the renter may be liable for the full value of the vehicle.

Liability Insurance

Every country has a minimum amount of insurance for someone to be permitted to drive. This covers the renter's liability for any damage caused to other people and/or other people's property. It is usually limited to a maximum of EUR1,000,000. The insurance is limited and there may be an excess. This means you may be liable for any amount over and above the value of the insurance.

Premium Location and Airport Fees

Some pick-up and drop-off locations incur additional fees to cover the costs of services, parking or amenities in the location.

VAT Local Tax

Some rentals also attract a VAT. This is a tax applied by the relevant local government on car rentals and the percentage (%) varies from country to country.

Road Fund Tax / VLF

This is a charge applied by rental companies to cover the cost of vehicle licensing. It applies in certain locations.

Unlimited Mileage

Please see 'Rate Details' link in our booking engine for mileage details .

Break Down Assist

All suppliers have national roadside assistance in case of breakdown. Please ask for details at the time of pickup.

Cancellation Procedure Explained


Please refer to our booking engine for cancellation rates of your rental. Most bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours of making the reservation, free of charge.


- It is the responsibility of the consumer to personally cancel any other ancillary product that they may have purchased in conjunction with their vehicle reservation, (e.g. LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER EXCESS REIMBURSEMENT INSURANCE through third parties like insurance4carhire.) In the event that you cancel or amend a credit/debit card booking CarTrawler will not be liable for any monetary losses suffered by you as a result of a change in monetary exchange rates between the time of your original booking and its subsequent cancellation or amendment (as applicable).
In case you need to cancel a booking, you can call Car Trawler reservations centre or cancel online.


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