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•  Finland Finland Car Rental - Helsinki
•  France Rental France Car Rental - Paris
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•  Greece Greece Car Hire - Athens | Santorini | Thessaloniki
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Europe Guide - Information

If you're planning to go on a car rental holiday in Europe, it's highly suggested that you book your logistics in advance, especially during the months of summer - June, July and August. Europe is a well-traveled destination because of its magnanimous offerings to travelers. Among the 7 continents, Europe fares highly on culture, history, nature, lifestyle and cuisine. There is much debate as to how many countries make up Europe; it all depends on what reference you use; some say there are 42, 47 and 50 all in all. But then, if you're chasing after the great European car rental holiday, should statistics matter? All that you have to bother with is clearing your mind and senses to make way for what Europe has in store for you.


Places to See


To say that Europe is a remarkable place to visit is an understatement as the continent is a superlative in all respects. Visit the cities that have been declared favorites by travelers before you and drive your Europe car rental to these towns: Paris (world's most romantic city), Istanbul (where East literally meets West, belonging to the continents Asia and Europe), Athens (annals show it to be the birth place of Western civilization), Amsterdam (least conservative city in the world) and Moscow (Europe's largest city). Here are some of the most astonishing sights in Europe, in no particular order: Alps (France, Switzerland and Italy), Temple of Artemis (Ephesus, Turkey), Louvre Museum (Paris, France), Pantheon (Rome, Italy) and Rock of Cashel (Cashel, Ireland).  There are still plenty more wonderful sights in Europe that it may take days to take notes of it all.  One important thing you have to remember: fill up the fuel tank of Europe car rental to the brim because it's going to be one long, exciting ride.


Going around Europe


Most of the countries in Europe can be accessed by train although you have to gear yourself for numerous overnight trips. Possibly the most popular route that the average tourist takes is the Eurail, which lets travelers visit up to 21 countries. The problem with taking the train is that you are not able to see the European nature that beckons before you, which is rather unfortunate because European sights are just fabulous. However, you can take advantage of the plethora of car rental companies in Europe. Europe car hire is an excellent way of going around the continent, especially if you have your closest friends or family with you; essential components of a great road trip: a fantastic deal Europe rent-a-car, special people in your life, a camera and a bursting-at-the-seams fun spirit.


From the Airports


One thing that most European airports share in common is that they are connected to the city center via rail. Because of the great number of tourists coming in and out of the country every year, Europe has mastered ways to make things convenient and comfortable for their guests such as their transportation system. Europe car rental companies are also in abundance in most European airports. Traveling around Europe isn't exactly pocket-friendly, but be a wise traveler and earn great savings by booking your Europe car hire online before making your trip.


Popular Car Rental Depots in Europe


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United Kingdom


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Paris France


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St. Andrews Drive Paisley Scotland
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