Top Americas Car Rental Locations

•  Antigua Rental Antigua and Barbuda Car Hire - VC Bird International Airport Car Hire
•  Argentina Rental Argentina Car Rental
- Buenos Aires Car Hire | Mendoza Car Hire
•  Argentina Rental Aruba Car Rental
- Queen Beatrix Airport
•  Bahamas Rental Bahamas Car Hire
•  Barbados Car Rental Barbados Car Hire
- Grantley Adams Airport Car Hire
•  Belize Car Rental Belize Car Rental
- Belize Airport
•  bolivia Car Rental Bolivia Car Rental
- La Paz Car Hire
•  Brazil Rental Brazil Car Rentals
- Brasilia | Rio de Janeiro
•  Canada Rental Canada Car Rental
- Calgary | Montreal | Toronto | Vancouver
•  Chile Rental Chile Car Hire
- Santiago Car Hire
•  Chile Rental Colombia Car Hire
- Bogota Car Hire
•  Costa Rica Rental Costa Rica Rent A Car
- San Jose Car Hire
•  Dominican Republic Flag Dominica Rent A Car
- Canefield Car Hire
•  Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic
- Puerto Plata
•  Ecuador Flag Ecuador Car Rental
- Quito Car Hire
•  El Salvador El Salvador Car Hire
•  French Guiana French Guiana Car Hire
- Cayenne
•  French Polynesia French Polynesia Car Hire
- Bora Bora
•  Guadeloupe Flag Guadeloupe Car Rental
•  Guatemala Flag Guatemala Car Rental
•  Honduras Flag Honduras Car Hire
- Tegucigalpa
•  Jamaica Jamaica Car Rental
- Montego Bay
•  Martinique Martinique Car Hire

•  Mexico Rental Mexico Car Hire
- Cancun | Acapulco | Chihuahua | Cozumel | Ixtapa | La Paz | Mexico City | Merida | Puerto Vallarta | Villahermosa
•  Netherlands Antilles Flag Netherlands Antilles Car Hire

•  Nicaragua Flag Nicaragua Car Hire
- Managua Car Hire
•  Panama Panama Car Rental
- Panama City Car Hire
•  Peru Peru Car Rental
- Lima
•  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Car Rental

•  Saint Lucia Flag Saint Lucia Car Hire
- Massade
•  San Salvador Flag San Salvador Car Hire
•  St Barts Flag St Barts Car Hire
•  USA Car Rental United States Car Rental
- Anchorage | Boston | Honolulu | Miami | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | San Diego | San Francisco
•  Uruguay Hire Uruguay Car Rental
- Montevido Car Hire
•  Venezuela Rentals Venezuela Car Hire
- Valencia Car Hire


Americas Guide - Information

The term Americas is used to describe the 2 continents of North America and South America. This must be distinguished from the term "America", which is universally used to call the United States of America. The Americas comprise more than 42.5 million square kilometers, or 28.4% of the Earth’s total land area. The continent is comprised of 60 sovereign states and dependent territories so going on a car rental holiday in the Americas entails masterful planning if you want to experience all that it has to offer. The term "New World" is used to describe the Americas, in reference to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America.


Places to See


The New World has great offerings to any car rental holiday vacationer, both ancient and modern. Before booking an Americas car hire, make a research on the places you’d want to visit and the things you’d want to experience in order for you to make the most of your Americas car rental vacation. Culture, the arts and history are some areas that make the Americas interesting so if you want a glimpse on anything Old Americas, drop by these noteworthy places: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, United States), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Museo del Oro (Bogota), Museo de la Nacion (Lima, Peru) and National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City, Mexico). The Americas is blessed with a diverse topography, making the great outdoors an awe-inspiring view. Take note of these remarkable places: beaches - Playa Grande (Costa Rica), Varadero (Cuba), Ambergris Caye (Belize), Gardner Bay (Galapagos) and Tulum Beach (Mexico); geographical wonders - Grand Canyon (Arizona), Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), Galapagos Archipelago (Galapagos), Andes (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Ve nezuela) and Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil).  As you drive your Americas car hire in exploration of the continent, fill your tummy with their famous cuisine - moqueca (Brazil), burgers and deep dish pizza (United States), enchilada, taco and burrito (Mexico), asado (Argentina) and ceviche (South America).


Going around the Americas


Public transportation around the Americas varies greatly depending on which part of the Americas you are. North America has some of the world’s most progressive road works and transportation system, while there are countries in South America and a few states in the United States with poor public transport conditions. What you can be assured of when traveling around the Americas is the wealth of choice of car rental. Car hire in the Americas is easy to get by, with the big players in the car hire industry dominating the Americas car rental market.


From the Airports


The Americas has the most number of Airports, with the United States alone having more than 15,000 airports.It also has some of the busiest airports in the world. The common mode of public transportation from the airport to most destinations in the Americas is airport shuttle, but with the popularity of car rental companies in the Americas, it is easy to negotiate a great deal Americas rental car at almost every airport.


Popular Car Rental Depots in the America


Washington USRonald Reagan International Airport
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Washington, DC 20001
United States


Mexico City International Airport
Mexico City 15520


Ronald Reagan International Airport
1 Aviation Circle
Washington, DC 20001
United States


Av. Paseo De La Reforma
208 Local A
Colonia Juarez, Delegacion
Mexico City 6600
Cancun Car HireMexico


Bellingham International Airport
4255 Mitchell Way
Suite 6
Bellingham, Washington DC
United States


Juan N. Alvarez International Airport
Alvarez, Acapulco