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Africa Guide - Information

AfricaWhen the Earth was made, there appears to have been much time and thought devoted to the creation of Africa. It is in all aspects exotic and even if some countries were plagued by famine, drought and poverty, Africa, in so many levels, is a very blessed continent. There are 53 sovereign countries comprising Africa and if you were to rent a car in Africa and travel around the continent, you would have to allow yourself a lot of time to soak up on all the natural marvels of Africa - vast grasslands, deserts and savannas, pristine beaches, powerful volcanoes and myriad animals on land, in the air and underwater. But, natural wonders aren’t all that beckon when you go on a car rental holiday in Africa; man also significantly contributed to the exquisiteness of Africa - magnificent pyramids, great archeological ruins and splendid castles.


Places to See


Unless you have retired, have all the time and the money in the world, it is highly impossible to see all of Africa on one go. Africa is an expensive continent to explore, but you can score some savings if you’re going to be all savvy about it. One way you can save money is to book your Africa car rental online to be able to cinch great Africa car rental deals. There are countless sights to see in Africa; some of the most notable man-made attractions are the Great Pyramids of Giza (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Egypt), Leptis Magna Roman Theater (Libya) and Timbuktu (Mali, West Africa). For natural African wonders, be sure to drive your Africa 4WD rental to these sights: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania); Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe); Sahara Desert (North Africa); Masai Mara National Park (Kenya) and Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda). It is also fascinating to experience local African culture so drive your Africa car rental by these towns if you get the chance: Aksum (Ethiopia), Dogon Country (Mali), Marrakech (Morocco) and Nairobi (Kenya).


Going around Africa


The best way to see the continent is by hiring an Africa car rental or an Africa 4WD rental.  While buses are common in Africa, they are mostly deemed unsafe for foreign travelers and will not take you to the wild areas, anyway. African terrain is mostly rocky, sandy and grassy with occasional pots of water so you better be prepared to conquer all those by driving a 4 wheel drive for hire. African countries can be traveled by land, except for Madagascar, which is separated by the Indian Ocean. You can drive around the whole continent or board a plane for your convenience.


From the Airport


A great bulk of flights handled in Africa comes fromEurope; there are also flights coming in from the Americas and Asia. One of the convenient ways of moving from the airport to your destination is to arrange an airport transfer with your hotel or hire an Africa car rental that you can pick up when you arrive in Africa. We have a wide range of Africa rental car and 4WD rental that you can use on your great Africa vacation.


Popolar Car Rental Depots in Africa


Marrakech-Menara International Airport


Cape Town City Center
Shop 2, Quayside
34 Prestwitch Str Corner Buitengracht
Cape Town
South Africa


Kampala-Entebbe Airport
East Africa